Towards Environmental Leadership

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We’re excited to be building a new website that will document and celebrate the environmental leadership activities of Council and the community, provide a portal to promote local environmental events and workshops, and inspire local action.

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What is the Towards Environmental Leadership Program?

Council launched the Towards Environmental Leadership (TEL) Program in June 2016. The TEL Program aims to recognise environmental leadership achievements in the Surf Coast Shire, build on them and set directions for the future. The TEL Program is guided by the internationally recognised One Planet Living principles.

The TEL Program budget funds lighthouse projects aligned with priority One Planet Living themes identified each year. The table below captures a snapshot of Council’s current environmental leadership activities.

One Planet Living Principle Current activities 2019 (shaded activities are funded through the TEL Program budget)
Zero Carbon
  • Support the work of the Renewable Energy 25% by 2020 Task Force and implement the Renewable Energy Roadmap, including transitioning Council operations to renewable energy and supporting the community in their transition
  • Installing an additional 150kW of solar on Council buildings
  • Energy efficiency measures, including complete Council’s street lighting transition to LED
  • Update Council’s greenhouse gas emissions profile and set emissions targets
Zero Waste
  • Plastic Wise Policy + Program, including ongoing education, support for events + community groups
  • Planning for a shire wide food organics collection
  • Ongoing waste education + communications
Sustainable Materials Ongoing requirements for sustainable materials in capital projects
Sustainable Transport Ongoing improvements in Council’s fleet fuel efficiency
Local + Sustainable Food Implementing the Local Food Program
Sustainable Water Conclude environmental leadership review of Council’s water management and scope next steps
Land Use + Wildlife
  • Implement the Hinterland Futures strategy
  • Nature reserve management, Bells Beach coastal management, pest plant and animal management
Culture + Community Many activities across Council – work underway to capture environmental leadership highlights
Equity + Local Economy Economic Development Strategy development
Health + Happiness Community Health and Development activities, Recreation + Open Space activities – work underway to capture environmental leadership highlights
Umbrella Activities Strategy refinement, including improved analysis of current challenges, investigating corporate sustainability targets and strengthening reporting mechanisms.

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