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In 2015 Council advised that it wanted the Surf Coast Shire to be known internationally as environmental leaders. The Towards Environmental Leadership Program has been created to recognise existing achievements, to build on them and set directions for the future.

The Program is Council’s first paper free, digital and interactive Program. It has been created with input from key community members and groups including Council’s Environment and Rural Advisory Panel (ERAP). It is both a community and Council Program.

Whilst the environmental opportunities in the Shire are very broad, three themes and four projects within these themes have been identified in the Program to focus on for the next 12-18 months. Community and Council activities will also continue within other environmental themes and these will also be captured by the Program.

The Program includes adopting the One Planet Framework to provide the credible metrics and accountability that can help us benchmark our performance against international standards. In adopting this framework Council is joining many leading government and private organisations from across the globe using One Planet to guide their environmental programs.


A message from the Mayor

"This strategy has been created hand-in-hand with the community. We're very proud of it and it's a great thing to be part of"

A message from the CEO

"Council exists to help our community and environment to thrive. environmental leadership is central to who we are."

We exist to help our community and environment to thrive... and we are serious about climate change.

What the community has said!

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Aaron Lewtas

Surf Coast Energy Group

"Renewable energy is important for the Surf Coast because it brings jobs and investment."

Claire Glenda

Fair Food

"I'm proud the Surf Coast Shire has put a lot of focus and attention on food security."

Graeme Stockton

Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment

"Our most important assets are nature, environment and the lifestyle it produces."

Hayden Findlay

Ravens Creek

"If we look after the land, we end up with healthier animals and people. It mirrors nature."

The One Planet Framework

Robust metric based sustainability framework - based on common international targets.

...and we're doing our bit

1.5 kW Solar on the Civic Building

1.5 kW Solar on Torquay Toilets

1.5 kW Solar on Spring Creek Tennis Club

20 kW Solar on Grant Pavilion - Solar Towns

15 kW Moriac Reserve - Solar Towns

1.5 kW Wind Turbine on Civic building

1.5 kW Solar on Anglesea Tourism centre

Solar Procurement Policy

All buildings audited for solar capabilities


Whats next 2016-17


Anglesea Community solar project (grant dependant)

SCEG Solar Boat competition


25% by 2020 task force

Moreland Energy Foundation solar project

Re-energise Geelong in the Surf Coast.

Positive Charge program – Solar Bulk buy

Solar Towns - $20,000 15 kW Solar for Torquay Kinder

Solar Towns - $20,000 15 KW Solar for Anglesea Men’s Shed

$60,000 budgeted for solar projects 16/17

Investigation - Deakin University Renewable energy project for the Civic Precinct.


Local and Sustainable Food


Our community loves local food

...and our council are right behind them

Edible Landscapes Initiative

School Heritage Orchards

Kinder Heritage Orchards

On Farm Composting

Carbon Farming 101

Insect Hotels

Good Fish Project - AMCS

Community Gardens


Whats next 2016-17


Eat Local Month 2017

Hook and Vine festival

Hunt and Gather Winchelsea 2017

Good Fish Project


Local and Sustainable Food Strategy

Fair Food Winchelsea

Fair Food Anglesea


Land-use & Wildlife


Our community treasures our natural environment


Plastic Wise

...and we do too

Climate Change Strategy

Estuary Management Plans

Rabbit Management Policy

Nature Reserve Master Plan

Open Space Strategy

Rural Roadside Management

Anglesea River Bank Master Plan

Bells Beach Coastal Management Plan

Nature Play

Casuarina Environmental Leadership mentor program

Disaster Planning for Pets and Animals

Bushfire Programs – fire up

Climate Resilient Community Adaption project


Whats next 2016-17


Botol for Bottle

Clean up Australia day

Rip Curl clean up day

Quiksilver Sustainability Program

Patagonia Green grants


Permanent towns Boundaries for SCS

Organic Waste project

Plastic Wise program

BYO H20 – business and trader package – street signs in all towns

Hinterland Strategy

Local Coastal Hazard Assessment

Climate Resilient Communities project

Grasstree Park Management Plan

Plastic Wise Policy for Markets and Events